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E D S G E R · P H O T O G R A P H Y

Edsger (roughly pronounced as ed-sker) was born in Amsterdam in what seems like a different century now. When he got his first 35mm camera he started playing with portraiture, practicing mostly on family members who quickly got tired of it. He kept camera companies in business by collecting just about every type ever made, from a tiny minox pocket camera to a large Cambo studio camera that can take 8x10 inch negatives.

Edsger's parents convinced him early on that if he wanted to be able to spend money on photography he better go to college first and become an engineer. So he did. After graduating, he moved to the US (something his parents had not counted on) and worked as a researcher, first at Bell Labs and later at NASA. He pursued photography in his spare time, and found that his parents had only partially been right. He could indeed afford to buy the type of gear that would make professional photographers weep, but he never had quite enough time to use it.

Until now.

In mid 2019, Edsger pledged to do everything he could to become the best headshot and portrait photographer in LA (just to modestly start small, and leave the state, country, and world for a bit later). Edsger enjoys photographing people, always focusing on the eyes as the windows to the soul. His photos are best seen as larger then life prints, which can be breathtakingly beautiful.

Come be part of the process!

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