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Edsger (roughly pronounced as ed-sker) was born in Amsterdam in what seems like a different century now. When he got his first 35mm camera he started playing with portraiture, practicing mostly on family members who quickly got tired of it. He kept camera companies in business by collecting just about every type ever made, from tiny minox pocket cameras to a large Cambo studio camera that can take 8x10 inch negatives. He setup his first professional studio in Amsterdam, before graduating college with a PhD in computer science.

After his move to California, Edsger build himself a new studio and pledged to become the top headshot photographer in LA (as a modest first goal, leaving world domination for later).

Edsger enjoys finding the beauty and inspiration in people, seeking moments of Zen. Most of his headshots focus on the eyes of the sitter, and his glamour shots try to find the unexpected, and visually most striking images. He is inspired by the images, and the attention to detail, of photographers like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Arnold Newman, and Yousef Karsh. Many of Edsger's photos, especially when seen as larger than life prints, are breathtakingly beautiful.

Some Testimonials

"Amazing working with you. Shooting with you was quite possibly the best experience I've had with a photographer (and I've only ever had pleasant experiences!) Thank you once again!"
Nikki Millman, May 2023

"Edsger was so wonderful to work with, from beginning to end. Professional, knows exactly what he wants to shoot, and even drove me to my next gig. A pleasure and will certainly be back."
Elle Barbelle (Pretzelle), April 2022

"Edsger is a pleasure to shoot with! He has a killer professional studio and is very patient and kind. Highly recommend!"
Cami Storm, March 2022

"Edsger was amazing to work with! He is super creative and brings out amazing images. We shot a lot of fluidity and the shots turned out beautiful!"
Adelina Cortez, November 2021

Rachel Ashley Johnson, November 2021

"Edsger is absolutely amazing. He aims to create every photo perfect and he succeeds. His studio is well set and well equipped!"
Agata SZ, October 2021

"Working with Edsger was a wonderful experience. He has an amazing talent and made me feel comfortable. The photos exceeded my expectations! Highly recommend working with him."
Argentina Angel, September 2021

"Edsger is a true professional and an overall amazing person! I felt very comfortable the entire time and the quality of his shots blew my mind! I would be thrilled to shoot with him again."
Michelle Kuehn, August 2021

"A brilliant photographer who knows the beauty to highlight. Highly recommended"
Ischa Chabra, August 2021

"I had a wonderful shoot with Edsger! We created some amazing images together."
Enola H, August 2021

"Was such a pleasure getting to work with Edsger. He was kind, organized, and professional. We were able to create some killer shots. Looking forward to our future collaborations."
Amanda, March 2021

"Edsger was a dream to work with! Will be using our headshots for absolutely everything."
Taylor, March 2021

"A very professional, respectful and precise photographer to work with! I very much appreciated his affording me the opportunity to observe the images in real time - so that I could make adjustments on my end and also be included in his process. I love the photos we created and look forward to collaborating again!"
Haley Schott, November 2020

"A truly professional and invigorating artist."
ElizabethLilyMarie, July 2020

"I had the opportunity to work with the talented portrait photographer, Edsger. As soon as I stepped into his studio I felt at ease and he made our time together a breeze. I was blown away by his abilities, He really knows how to capture and bring out the best of his subjects. I would highly recommend Edsger to anyone looking to work with a professional who has a deep understanding of lighting, a keen eye for detail and a warm personable presence."
Kisa Hues, February 2020

"Amazing first shoot of 2020! Edsger was very professional and insightful. Upon my arrival, Edsger was prepared and ready to get started with an exact goal in mind. Beyond professionalism, Edsger can be described as friendly, respectful, and talented."
Roxy Shaw, January 2020

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